Monday, May 14, 2012

Listen to Your Mother

In honor of Mother’s Day I’m writing on something I learned and learned hard from my mom, never quit.  First I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and thank you to all the mothers out there.  To my story…When I was a about 11 years old I was playing Little League Baseball.  I was in my second year of baseball and had good success my first year.  Second year not so much.  Honestly I wanted to quit.  I was benched and very upset with myself.  I approached my mom about quitting and she told me adamantly, “No, never, you will not quit!  Quitting is never an option!”  We argued and argued and frankly I really hated my mom for not giving me the answer I want.  But, in the end, she forced me to stick it out and wouldn’t you know it, things got better.  Things got alot better.  I enjoyed four consecutive all star seasons with the stats to back it up.  I went into high school as one of the best players in my class.  After high school, I was offered a chance to play college ball, but turned it down to go after education.  Mom was ok with that.  My point being, we live in absolutely cynical world and family comes first.  Not everyone has the family experiences I have had I know this, but I can guarantee that everyone has at least one moment in their life where no one was there for except your family.  And if it’s your mom, your dad, your siblings it’s the family that counts.  Your family never judges, your family loves you for what you are no matter what.  So to the parents that are moving forward these days, remember what your mom did for you, remember what your dad did for you and apply that to your son or daughter.  I find myself in that boat these days and I can’t help to recall the lessons I learned from my mom, most important NEVER QUIT!  So Mom, thank you, I love you, and you made me what I am today. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Arnold the Motivational Speaker

As most of you know I am huge into motivational positive thinking.  I cannot stand negative thinking.  I cannot stand unfocused thoughts.  The world is such a crazy place if thoughts aren’t pure, focused, and positive they will go nowhere.  I love this video.  Despite Arnold’s recent trouble he is one of the most motivating people and most successful people of the modern age.  He has accomplished so much.  To state a few seven Mr. Olympia titles, nationally acclaimed actor in multiple films, and most recently Governor of the state of California.  I’d like to dive into this video and comment on what he is saying. 

1.       Trust Yourself—Never saying I want to be like this guy or I went to school to be this.  What are you? What do you want out of life?  Go out and get it.

2.       Break the Rules – I agree with Arnold when people tell me I’m the youngest to do this or I’m the first one to do this I just glow.  That is the best thing anyone can tell me.  Why? Because I want to be that guy that does things that no one has ever done. Can you ask for a better high?

3.       Don’t Be Afraid to Fail – When you take risks, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.  That’s risk.  But if you quit, how do you ever know what could have been?  Yes failure is part of life, but getting back up speaks the strongest words.  Get back up and never stop driving!

4.       Don’t Listen to the Naysayer – What really revs me up is when people say you can’t do this..this can’t be done.  Some people call me ignorant, well yes and thank you for that compliment.  I never settle for no this won’t work.  Instead how will this work?  How can we make this work?  What can we do to make this work!  I want this to work!

5.       Work you butt off – We’ve had jobs that on paper could never be done.  But how did we do them, worked our butts off.  Personally I find myself spending nights and weekends researching, learning, and writing.  Why?  I want to be the best in the industry.  I’m not a lazy person.  I will never stop working.  I will never stop fighting!  And when I get to the top I will keep going.  There is no finish line, there is no goal.  As long as I’m breathing, I’m going to drive. 

6.       Giving back—This to me is so important.  Realizing that you never get to where you want without help, so give back.  As little as giving back to your family.  Realize you have a support system and they need support as well.  Give back to everyone.  Give back to your family, your community, your organizations, and your country.  You may just inspire the next big change. 

So please take the time to watch this video if you haven’t.  I promise you will enjoy it.  Arnold is an amazing guy, and I personally would give anything to have a 5 minute talk with the guy.  I grew up watching his movies as I’m sure most of you have.   I have admired him since I was 12 and still do.  But he so much more than an actor and a politician; Arnold is one of the most motivating individuals of this era.