Friday, November 11, 2011

Social Media is Here to Stay

 I remember days of old; of course I’m only 27, but I remember being young and not a care in the world, playing outside from sun up to sun down, scraping knees, painting with mud, and collecting every bug, critter, and animal I could get my hands on.  As I grew up, I was able to and am still living an ever changing world.  A world where real farming is becoming less important Farmville farming, a place where videos of babies laughing can make you a six figure salary, and a place where important news changed from what’s going on in world to what is going on the bathroom.  There is no doubt that social media is here and it is here to stay.  I work in an industry where you wouldn’t necessarily think that social media should exist.  A precast concrete manufacturing facility has to be one of last places you’d expect to have Facebook page.  However, we do and we feel it is important to have and maintain it.  But why does a manufacturer have a Facebook page, Twitter account, or use things like YouTube, Flickr, or even do this fancy thing called Blogging. 
To understand social media it is best to dispel the myths.  First social media is for the young generation and not for me…I don’t want to take the time to learn.  Untrue, social media tools are very easy to learn, with many of them having tutorials to help you get set up.  Social media is not only for the younger generation, all generations can benefit from social media.  Social media is growing in popularity everyday as more and more generations get hooked on the social media revolution.  Second, social media is just for wasting time and has no place in the workplace.  Untrue, more and more consumers are buying products based off pictures posted on Flickr, consumer posts on Facebook, and YouTube videos showing production of a good.  Get your company into the Social Revolution.  Social media is a free marketing tool.  It costs nothing.  It takes a little time to learn, but results show up almost instantly.  The main thing to understand is that getting your company on social media get’s your name and face out there and helps you relate to web viewers everywhere.  Showing people what you do and how you do it gives you a certain sense of pride unattainable in the day to day grind and it gives consumers an appreciation for you to show them how you do things.  So to say that only certain industries can fit in the social media revolution is wrong.  All industries have their place it’s only a matter of how deep you want to climb.   Third, times are inevitably changing.  We mark humanity by change.   Centuries ago, times changed with the Industrial Revolution.  Times changed, people changed, changed for the better.  This change is happening again, just in the virtual world.  Will this make peoples’ lives better like it did in the Industrial Revolution, maybe.  Will it impact the world like the Industrial Revolution, definitely.  If you’re not in the Social Media Revolution, GET IN IT, BE A PART OF IT.  We will see you on Facebook my friends.

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